Legal and Financial Translation

An Experienced Legal and Financial Translator

As a company looking to work in Hungary or with Hungarian partners, you will want to have the assurance that your complex legal and financial texts are accurate and deliver the outcome you are looking for.


I offer a strong record of working in contract law, EU, British and French civil law:


  • Corporate legal documents, such as articles of association, corporate policies, terms and conditions

  • Business contracts and agreements

  • Intellectual property documents

  • Powers of attorney

  • Family law: court orders, safeguarding policy

  • Wills

  • Official documents (birth and marriage certificates, etc.

First rate financial translation service for:

  •  Annual Reports

  • Financial Statements (IFRS)

  • Tax administration documents

  • Shareholder notifications

EU institutions

I also provide translations for various EU institutions,  bringing valuable first-hand insight into the internal workings of several international and public-sector bodies such as the European Union, Council of Europe, the United Nations and its specialised agencies, in particular UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the International Labour Organization and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.


I have a track record in a range of subject matters with an economic or legal angle, such as human rights, humanitarian, migration and labour issues, and international development. With a professional background in international relations and diplomacy, and years of active involvement in multilateral negotiations in my former job as a government representative, I'm intimately familiar with the tricks and trade of drafting documents in both an EU and a UN context.